Plant-Based, Wholesome, and Always Organic.

Welcome to Juice Nation Organic Cafe

Juice Nation Organic Café is organic, plant-based, food truck, providing delicious and healthy food. At Juice Nation Organic Café, we believe in quality and wholesome ingredients. Our menu is always plant-based, gluten-free, zero added sugar, and only natural ingredients. We want you all to know how delicious healthy eating can be.

Nutrient-rich Creations

We don’t use any fillers, stabilizers, processed foods, or even ice in our smoothies –quality is a part of our promise. Our nutrient-dense creations are aimed at helping you have a healthy, balanced life to support your adventure plans and goals. Our commitment to offer an organic, vegan, wholesome menu will not only support your health, but also the future of our planet.

Completely Compostable Containers

We are dedicated to finding sustainable alternatives in our operations and practices. This mission includes using completely compostable containers and even straws that are 100% edible.

We Serve



and the lower mainland


Juice Nation Organic Cafe

About the Founders

Emily Kane and Kevin Day are local Whistler husband-and-wife duo who are passionate about sharing their lifestyle. They were inspired to create Juice Nation Organic Café after many years of wondering, “where’s all the delicious healthy food?”

How It All Started

At events, markets, and festivals, Emily and Kevin knew that providing healthy, organic, plant-based options would be a welcomed treat for anyone on-the-go.

They designed Juice Nation Organic Café for all the nature lovers, explorers, skiers, snowboarders, bikers, yogis, runners, and healthy lifestyle advocates who appreciate the value of real food. Sharing a lifestyle they love has been their commitment since the beginning. You can find Emily and Kevin in the mountains on their next adventure!

Juice Nation Organic Cafe

Have a great time with your family and friends!